1Here are some of the choral works I’ve written.  They’re aimed at a “good sing”, and sometimes a little fun along the way.  Among them…

  • The works for women’s voices turned out nicely (in my very humble opinion), and the SATB version of “A Winter Ride” had a marvelous premiere at St. Paul’s Schubert Club.
  • Hard Times, Come Again No More” (a cappella with flute/oboe) has been sung in a number of locations.
  • And some pieces of which I’m fond are still longing for their debut.

Please let me know if you use any of these.  Make a pen-papa proud!

Perusal scores on this site are free.  Print (and e-print) copies are generally available from J. W. Pepper.  Or contact me for copy permissions at reasonable rates.

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